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In 2006 the BBC contacted James and he consulted on an hour long acupuncture documentary, some of the footage can be seen in the video below. Local NBC affiliate in Asheville, NC, WLOS, contacted James in 2007 and filmed him performing acupuncture in his clinic, which you can also view in the video below. A journalist for NBC called James “an expert in Chinese medicine” after contacting him about a story she was writing on gold medal Olympian, Michael Phelps who received cupping therapy during the 2016 Olympics.

Watch the video to see footage from James’s appearance on NBC news and footage from the BBC documentary he consulted and provided contacts for. The video is titled “Your Brain On Acupuncture.”


What We Treat

Simply click on the links to below to learn more about acupuncture and your health condition. Acupuncture and energetic medicine are powerful ways to treat complex disorders. We also have effective natural remedies for many common ailments. Our Asheville acupuncture clinic can help you. For a free consult about any of the conditions below or if you have a complex situation that you would like to speak with us about, simply call for a free consult: 828-254-4405. Or book online by clicking the “schedule now” button.
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