Kinesiology or Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is a convenient way to asses how a substance, thought or situation effects the energy field of the body.

Patients often ask, “What is kinesiology?” Muscle testing, or kinesiology is actually a divining method. Muscle testing acknowledges that there is a higher force or intelligence working through us, that is aware of how any substance, thought or situation affects us either for own own development or our own detriment. Divining means asking for soul guidance. The soul is our higher light-force that is always working through us, if we choose to allow it flow through. We use the muscle testing technique to see if things are in alignment with our higher light, or soul. The soul is a spark of God’s infinite light.

We use muscle testing as a way to learn certain things about what the soul’s priorities are for our own healing.

We can muscle test you to understand exactly what your bodymind needs at an exact moment in time to thrive and grow. Using kinesiology we can test your supplements, vitamins and minerals, drugs and even your relationships to see if they are in alignment with your soul’s highest growth!

Muscle testing trusts in our own innate divinity and light. it is that light, or soul that is guiding our growth and unfoldment. By using kinesiology, we attain deep access into what you really need for your own soul’s evolution.

In the Results healing system that Margaret Kean taught to Asheville acupuncturist, James Whittle, muscle testing plays a central role. To learn more about how muscle testing or kinesiology can help you, simply call us at the Blue Ridge Acupuncture Clinic in Asheville: 828-254-4405. We will give you a no obligation free consult.

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