bell's palsy and acupunctureIf you or someone you love is diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, I recommend that they get acupuncture as soon as possible to help restore motility to the face. At the Blue Ridge Acupuncture Clinic, we have experience using acupuncture to help patients with Bell’s Palsy. The sooner a patient receives acupuncture treatments for Bell’s Palsy, the better the outcome. When I worked in hospitals in China, I saw many cases of Bell’s Palsy that were completely cured by acupuncture therapy.

Bell’s Palsy and Acupuncture

The Canadian Medical Association Journal recently published a study done on Bell’s Palsy and acupuncture.The researcher’s concluded that acupuncture can help. The symptoms of Bell’s Palsy can include: drooping eye lids, teary or dry eyeys, drooling, loss of sense of taste, pain behind the ear and facial weakness. Typically the facial nerve is impaired. Acupuncture helps to heal the facial nerve to restore normality to the face.

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