cupping therapyCupping Therapy in Asheville, North Carolina

Cupping therapy is a profound medical technique that involves placing glass cups on specific areas of the body to increase blood flow. The air in the glass cups is removed and suction is created as the cups create a vacuum effect on the skin, meridians and muscle. In the traditional way of doing cupping, an acupuncturist will dip a cotton ball in alcohol and ignite it. Holding the burning cotton ball with hemostats, they will insert it quickly into the glass cup, removing the air inside it and creating a vacuum. They will then apply the cup to the body.

There are numerous benefits to acupuncture cupping and the art of cupping has been practiced in China for thousands of years. Asheville acupuncturist James Whittle studied acupuncture cupping with master acupuncturists in Chinese hospitals. Cupping is very effective for chronic pain conditions. Also, cupping therapy is very enjoyable for the patient.

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