cold and fluMany people do not understand that a simple herbal remedy and an acupuncture treatment can usually cut the length of a cold from 7 to 14 days to one or two days.

Flu symptoms often require more aggresive treatment with natural medicine, but acupuncture and the appropriate Chinese herbal formula can dramatically improve symptoms and shorten the length of the flu by increasing the immune response. The flu is more severe than the common cold, and the you can tell the difference between a cold and flu by looking at the symptoms checklist in the image to the right of this page.

Many people opt out of the flu shot, so if you decide not to get the flu shot, you definitely want to have your immune system working optimally to defend against influenza. We treat people in the fall to get their immune systems functioning maximally, and your food choices during this time will also have a big impact on your immunity.

When a person has a cold, they are often concerned about annoying symptoms, such as stuffy nose, sore throat and a low fever. Often a nagging cough is present. Sneezing and a runny nose are often the most overwhelming symptoms of the common cold.

Using acupuncture and herbal medicine at the very beginning of a cold cannot only cut short the duration of the infection, but also rid the body of annoying symptoms by balancing and strengthening the immune system. A cold or flu can often prevent people from getting to work. Children often will miss school because of a cold or a flu. If the family has a strategy of utilizing herbal medicine and acupuncture they will learn how to recover extremely quickly from a cold or a flu.

Many patients have asked me if I think a flu shot is necessary and I do not, but this is contrary to popular medical thought and is just my clinical opinion. However, there are certain cases that I recommend getting the flu shot: such as an elder person with a weak immune system.

I believe that by strengthening your immune system you can avoid both the cold and the flu in the first place. However, once you’ve contracted a cold or flu virus is very important to know how to use Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture to alleviate your symptoms.

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