Margaret Fields Kean

Margaret Fields Kean was a healer extraordinaire, who after a case of phlebitis, went brain dead for 7 minutes, and traveled through another dimension she called heaven. Author PMH Atwater recorded Margaret’s near death experience or NDE in a couple of her books.

While Margaret was in heaven she met many beings of light, who she recognized as angels, and then was transported to a great circle of beings of light who were holding hands in a ring of oneness. She was escorted to the largest light in the circle and knew that this was Jesus Christ. She began conversing with Jesus in a way she described as telepathic.

During this conversation with Jesus she knew that she would return to earth and as she visualized her life back on earth, she had the thought that by becoming a healer she could best serve her highest purpose in life. She explained this to me in person and said “As I realized and told Jesus I could be a healer I also felt a slight bit of fear, for I was a housewife up until then, and being a healer seemed like something that would be hard for me to accomplish…but in the presence of Jesus all fear left me and I just felt the most indescribable love imaginable.”

Margaret came back into her body and later started a healing center at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. She would travel half the year in Africa doing healing work with indigenous populations, and the other half of the year train people in the healing system that she simply called results.

I met Margaret in an incredible set of coincidences in 1994, and in 2007 I trained with her getting my certificate in basic results. Results is a healing system that believes that the soul has priorities for healing. Healing can start on a physical, emotional or mental level. Sometimes it is necessary to start with a body alignment, or regress a person to a past age when a traumatic experience occurred, or a troubling thought took root. Ultimately all experiences, no matter how difficult can be harvested for wisdom and released into a higher love and joy. Margaret Fields Kean was a truly amazing soul, an angel on earth, and she will always live in the oneness that she became while living on earth. I can’t wait to see her again on the other side! To find our how acupuncture and results healing can help: 828-254-4405

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