The Acupuncture Hangover Cure

I suppose there are a few people in the world who have not had a hangover, but for the majority of Americans, hangovers and the signs and symptoms that occur after a night of heavy drinking, are incredibly common and painful.

Obviously once someone is suffering from a hangover, telling them that the best remedy is to drink less, is advice too little too late. However the Chinese have utilized herbal remedies and acupuncture for thousands of years as a hangover cure.

Once a person has a hangover it is important to understand what foods and what herbs to use to rid the body of the hangover symptoms.

Herbal formulas and acupuncture strategies often focus on balancing the liver and gall bladder with the digestive organs to achieve relief.

Acupuncture Hangover Cure

A simple acupuncture treatment with just a few needles can often dramatically improve the symptoms of a hangover and help to oxygenate the blood and detoxify the liver. The Chinese culture has had thousands of years to come up with their own remedies for hangovers, and specific acupuncture point combinations were found to be very helpful.

A person should also focus on hydration, as some of the symptoms of a hangover are related to dehydration. One helpful recommendation is to drink a 6 ounce glass of water between every alcohol drink.

Many herbs are also incredibly effective as a hangover cure. Chlorella or spirulina, taken before a night of heavy drinking can also reduce the harsh symptoms of the morning after.

If a person understands the right foods to eat and the right herbal remedies to take, the symptoms of a hangover can be relieved within a few hours.

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