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Body Alignment in Asheville North Carolina…

Body alignment is a tapping technique that gently brings the spine and other bones back into alignment. More gentle than a typical chiropractic adjustment, body alignment is an incredibly relaxing way to achieve a straight spine and an aligned body. Tapping on specific areas of the muscles and fascia can bring pain relief and calm the mind. This technique is particularly effective for emotional and mental imbalances like anxiety and insomnia.

Margaret Fields Kean, the developer of the Results Healing System, taught  Asheville acupuncturist James Whittle her entire healing system, known simply known as Results.

Margaret was an incredible healer who had 2 near death experiences, or NDEs, and met Jesus and other beings of light. She experienced heaven, then she returned to her body after being pronounced brain dead. She was clinically dead for more than 7 minutes during her first NDE. Her near death experiences were documented by NDE researcher PMH Atwater in many books.

Spiritual Origins of Body Alignment

Margaret Kean left her body for good in 2009. She taught James her entire healing system before she passed on and he is eternally grateful. Though it might sound incredible, body alignment was taught to Margaret Kean during her NDE by the master healer himself, Jesus. He showed her how to “straighten” people out using the technique. She refined her approach with knowledge from various healing traditions during her healing career.

Aligning your spine and other bones is great for general health, athletes, patients with sciatica, back pain or any other pain condition. A body alignment does not involve the cracking common to most chiropractic adjustments, but the results are similar.

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