Nutritional Therapy

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

~ Hippocrates, the father of western medicine

Nutritional science is revealing that Hippocrates was right. More and more medical doctors are turning to nutritionists and experts in food therapy so that they can teach patients the most healthy ways to eat.

Food is the first medicine, and learning to eat a healthy diet and to cook your own nutritious meals is essential to a healthy life. Nutritional therapy is a major part of our effort to help you restore balance and healing to your life.

Chinese food and dietary therapy is thousands of years old. The ancient Chinese understood the value of food as medicine. At the Blue Ridge Clinic in Asheville, North Carolina we will help tailor a nutritional program to meet your specific needs.

Whether your goal is pain control, weight loss, or detoxification, our food therapy plans and nutrition diet therapy can help.

Asheville acupuncturist, James Whittle has extensive training in nutritional science and combines western nutritional approaches with the wisdom of Chinese dietary therapy.

At our Asheville acupuncture clinic, we can help with all your food and nutrition needs. Simply call to learn about how nutritional therapy can help, we will be happy to give you a no obligation free consult: 828-254-4405.

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