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“Energetic medicine (Chinese medicine) does not compete with western medicine, it completes it.” Nguyen Van Nghi MD

We are not against western medicine, though we do believe that drugs and surgeries are overused and problematic. Energetic medicine completes western medicine and is the essence of Chinese medicine. Energetic medicine is the term we use to describe our entire approach here at the Blue Ridge Acupuncture Clinic in Asheville North Carolina. A medicine that approaches the human being not as a machine, but as an elaborate energetic phenomenon is based in holism and understands that the sum is more than the parts. Energy medicine, and energy healers approach life and health as dynamic flow systems. Energy medicine is holistic medicine at its best.

Let me give you an example of how this applies to patients we see at our Asheville acupuncture clinic: often a patient comes to see me and says that all the medical doctors she has visited cannot find anything wrong with her. Still she feels pain or maybe just feels negative emotions and a lack of balance and harmony in her life. While the western diagnostic machines and the western blood tests reveal that nothing is wrong. Still, the patient knows that something is wrong, she is out of balance. We say that this patient has an energy blockage and this is where energetic medicine excels. Typically, after a few acupuncture treatments and perhaps an herbal remedy, such a patient will feel much improved and rebalanced.

Acupuncturist James Whittle trained in reiki healing in his early twenties, in addition to studying other energy healing modalities like qigong, yoga, chakra healing, chakra balancing and other energy healing methods.

We are primarily energetic beings. Think E=MC2 here! The body is a beautiful movement of energy, and when that energy is not flowing well, symptoms arise. Health is a natural state of free flowing blood and energy. When the flow of energy is stuck in our bodies, we feel it as dis-ease. Energetic medicine treats the imbalance of circulation in our bodies and restores our harmony with natural cycles and circadian rhythms.

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