electroacupuncture ashevilleElectroacupuncture is the utilization of very small amounts of electrical current through acupuncture needles. Our electroacupuncture devices are FDA approved and the procedure is very comfortable. Electroacupuncture can be incredibly effective for chronic pain conditions. At the Blue Ridge Acupuncture Clinic in Asheville, North Carolina, we will, in some cases, use electroacupuncture for stubborn pain problems. Electroacupuncture is extremely safe and effective. There have been numerous studies done on electroacupuncture in the last decade. Though many of the studies have been done in China, quite a bit of research has also been conducted in the united States.

Research on using electrical stimulation with acupuncture:

Here is a list, by no means complete, of some of the conditions that electroacupuncture is beneficial for:

Electroacupuncture and pain: study showing how endorphins are released during electroacupuncture.

Electroacupuncture may help motor recovery in chronic stroke survivors.

Electroacupuncture Induced Neuroprotection against Cerebral Ischemia.

Electroacupuncture treatment improves neurological function.

Electroacupuncture improves neuropathic pain.

Protective Effect of Electroacupuncture on Neural Myelin Sheaths.


Electroacupuncture Asheville, North Carolina

James Whittle, licensed acupuncturist, has traveled to China 8 times and worked with Chinese physicians in hospitals. He is trained in the latest electroacupuncture techniques. To learn more about electroacupuncture in Asheville, simply call for a free consultation: (828) 254-4405.

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