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Results healing, or results is a modality created by Margaret Fields Kean after a near death experience. In the 1970s, Margaret had a phenomenal near death experience or NDE. She visited heaven, met Jesus and other beings of light, and was told she would become a healer on her return to earth. She explained this to me like this: “It was as if I decided when in the presence of this great light of unconditional love, that the greatest service I could give on earth was to be a healer. And at the same time, the divine presence that was before me, manifested as Jesus Christ was also telling me to be a healer. It was as if we decided this together from a place of oneness.”

Margaret was clinically brain dead for 7 minutes during her first NDE. She learned many healing techniques during her visit to heaven, and returned as a prodigal healer.

Margaret Fields Kean

Over a 30 year period she refined and developed her healing system that she simply called Results. Results combines aspects of muscle testing or kinesiology, body alignment and the use of whole food nutritional supplements all based in an understanding of your soul’s priorities for healing. She ran a holistic healing center in Virgina, on Smith Mountain Lake, for many years and traveled to Africa for 6 months a year to do healing work with indigenous populations.

Margaret taught Asheville acupuncturist James Whittle the entire Results system over a period of many weeks during 2007 and 2008. James was a member of the last Results class given before Margaret joined Jesus and the other masters of light in heaven.

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