Anxiety and Acupuncture

When some people associate anxiety and acupuncture — they think of how they might feel nervous about getting acupuncture for the very first time. Later they come to understand that acupuncture is very effective for chronic and acute anxiety. Additionally, acupuncture helps situational fears caused by social engagement, public speaking and other common experiences that people dread.

Treatment Using Acupuncture

Acupuncture calms the mind as the brain releases endorphins and other opioid like chemicals during treatment. Typically, if a patient comes into our clinic nervous, they will leave with a sense of calm.

In most cases you will feel free of tension after acupuncture. In the beginning, the anxiety may disappear for a few days after a session. But after multiple acupuncture treatments, your anxiety and stress will continually diminish, bringing you greater joy and an increase in your quality of life. Relationships typically improve as a person feels less stress and tension.

Performance Anxiety

Many people have social and performance anxiety and acupuncture can help both. After a series of acupuncture treatments, patients report that their stage fright has decreased and they feel generally more confident in social settings.

Acupuncture is increasingly sought after as a potential remedy for the dread of performing. By targeting specific points in the body, acupuncture aims to regulate the nervous system and promote relaxation. Studies show that individuals report reduced stress levels, improved focus, and enhanced performance outcomes after receiving acupuncture treatments. Its natural and non-invasive approach makes acupuncture an appealing option for managing performance anxiety in various domains, from public speaking to artistic performances.

Research Using Acupuncture

A recent study at a hospital in China concluded that: “Acupuncture achieved a superior and faster effect on general anxiety disorder as compared with clonazepam and the efficacy of acupuncture is related to the improvement in brain wave patterns in patients.”

You can view the study on PubMed by clicking here.

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