Herbal Therapy

Herbal therapy, or the art and science of using plants for healing, is a part of almost every cultural tradition on earth. Nearly a quarter of all pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plant sources.

India has a rich tradition of herbal therapy in their natural medicine system called Ayurveda. As a certified yoga instructor since 1996, acupuncturist James Whittle has studied Ayurvedic herbalism and western herbalism and specializes in Chinese herbal medicine. James spent almost a year working with some of China’s most respected herbalists and physicians in Shanghai.

Herbal medicine, or botanical medicine, is the art of using plants singularly or in combination to achieve a healing or cure of the body or mind. Plant medicine is also called phytotherapy.

The botanical and herbal traditions of the west go back deep into history and include the wise woman tradition of herbal healers.

Acupuncturist James Whittle has had many herbal teachers from many botanical traditions. He has learned and studied hundreds of native and local plant species indigenous to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Many of the herbs that grow here in western North Carolina, have counterparts that grow in China and are used in Chinese herbal medicine.

James regularly wildcrafts herbs such as American ginseng (panax quinquefolius or Xi Yang Shen in Chinese), Reishi, or spiritual mushroom (ganoderma lucidum or Lingzhi in Chinese) and others and applies them in his healing work when appropriate.

Drawing on many herbal traditions, and on the modern scientific research on certain botanicals, Asheville acupuncturist James Whittle knows the healing power of herbal remedies.

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