Why Eat Warm Food When Its Cold

On a very warm day, asphalt will heat up. If there is a big patch of asphalt, like a mall parking lot, a large bubble of heat will form and then escape, pushing hot air up towards the sky. In micrometeorology, this is known as a thermal, or a column of hot air. When that hot air reaches the cold air of higher altitudes, big cumulus clouds are created that can turn into thunder storms. The stronger and larger the thermal, the more weather that is created.

Why Eat Warm Food When Its Cold

Why I am telling you all this? Because a human body is a part of nature. We have the forces of heat and cold working in the body. A balanced human being will be neither too cold or too hot, but often we get symptoms. For instance a patient will tell me that they are always cold and that their hands and feet get cold easily. Or someone will tell me that they flush easily, feel hot and wake up at night sweating. They could even manifest both symptoms of cold and heat!

Acupuncture is the process of bringing the body’s “weather patterns” into balance. Acupuncture helps warm the body if it is too cold, and it helps clear heat if it is too hot.


Why Eat Warm Food?

So to assist in the healing process, and to maintain health, it is very important to work in harmony with the body and the seasons by drinking warm beverages, eating soups and warm foods in the winter time.

Raw foods like salads are best for summer and warmer times, while warm and gently cooked foods are best for winter…so thousands of years of Chinese dietary therapy teaches us.

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