Why Eat Warm Food When Its Cold

On a very warm day, asphalt will heat up. If there is a big patch of asphalt, like a mall parking lot, a large bubble of heat will form and then escape, pushing hot air up towards the sky. In micrometeorology, this is known as a thermal, or a column of hot air. When that hot air reaches the cold air of higher altitudes, big cumulus clouds are created that can turn into thunder storms. The stronger and larger the […]

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5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Healthy breakfast ideas are central to living a healthy life and to starting your day with focus, energy and enthusiasm. In most cases, the Chinese medicine practitioner recommends eating warm foods and some protein first thing in the morning. The best hours to eat are between 7am and 9am when the spleen, pancreas and stomach energies are functioning at their maximum. If you have any other healthy breakfast ideas you would like to share please email me at 5

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