How Acupuncture Works

Patients often ask me how acupuncture works. And I often say, “patiently…though miracles do happen.” There is a great saying I learned from a master Japanese acupuncturist: “When you are in a hurry take the long way around.”

The short cut is not the problem, the “hurry” is the real issue. Remember, there really are no shortcuts in life…observe closely and you will see that shortcuts in most cases are sales techniques: whether in get rich quick schemes, overnight cures with drugs, or crash diets.

When I see patients, I tell them to think of themselves as plants. You can stand astride a growing seedling and bark the order to hurry and grow, and yet the germination takes place in its own sweet time.

Your body heals over time. The changes you make now, by altering your diet, by getting regular acupuncture, and by exercising, will bear fruit as you age.

How Acupuncture Works

It is your birthright to enjoy good health, but remember, health is a lifestyle. Symptoms, pains and problems come and go…so don’t worry about them…just practice a healthy lifestyle and you know you are doing your best.

If you want results that last in life, that are sustainable, remember to take the long view, think like a plant…and grow slowly and sustainably, then our goals will be achieved and we will enjoy the entire journey…not just the euphoria and addiction to a quick fix.

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