James Whittle

James Whittle M.S., L.Ac. is an acupuncturist and a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). He has visited China more than 8 times to work in hospitals and conduct research. James has also consulted for the BBC on an acupuncture documentary and appeared on NBC news. In 2016, NBC called James “an expert in Chinese medicine.” He is the founder and owner of the Blue Ridge Clinic in Asheville, North Carolina, founded in 2003. A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with honors, he completed his masters in acupuncture at Bastyr University in 2001. He is licensed to practice acupuncture in North Carolina and holds license #238. You can reach James at 828-254-4405.

The Acupuncture Facelift Solution

Background: The practice of “acupuncture facelifts” or “non-surgical facelifts” has recently emerged and virtually exploded onto the scene in international spas and in private wellness clinics across the US. ABC television, Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray, and other news programs have featured the technique and it is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Many factors contribute to this emergence economically, including a massive population of baby-boomers who are seeking physical, mental and spiritual beauty. The phenomenon of the acupuncture facelift […]

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Acupuncture Facelifts

The Chinese Medicine Sleep Solution

Chinese medicine has evolved over thousands of years to help people with sleep issues. As modern lifestyles have changed Chinese medicine has adapted to include insights from modern research into sleep issues. The Chinese medicine sleep solution is an integrated all natural approach to helping restore your sleep. Here are nine keys of the Chinese medicine sleep solution. 9 keys for deeper sleep 1. Understand that all our activities: nutrition, exercise, work, and even thinking, have a profound impact on

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