The Chinese Medicine Weight Loss Solution Ebook is full of my best information on how to lose weight naturally and sustainably. Additionally, you will gain insights into other areas of your health and learn how to stop stress and anxiety naturally. We have combined insights from modern research on weight loss with the wisdom of thousands of years of Chinese medicine to produce a remarkable treasure trove of useful health tips.

Here is just a sample of what you will learn in our Ebook:

  • Learn secrets the Chinese have used for thousands of years to stay slim, balance blood sugar and prevent diabetes.
  • Learn a simple movement from qigong (breath exercise) that will increase metabolism, burn fat, reduce stress and decrease the need for carb counting.
  • Learn the 5 master keys of weight loss (I went through every best-selling weight loss book out there and found the best information and experimented on myself and with thousands of patients).
  • Learn to cultivate the 6th master weight loss key, only found in Chinese medicine: Qi (energy).
  • Learn why the ancient Chinese used green tea to stay slim and learn what is the healthiest green tea in the world (and the best for losing weight and burning fat)
  • Learn a simple ancient Chinese saying about sleep that will teach you how to wake up refreshed with abundant energy that lasts all day (no more afternoon fatigue!)
  • Learn why increasing muscle mass is better than aerobic exercise for burning fat.
  • Understand the secret that enabled Michael Phelps, 8 time Olympic gold medalist, to eat 12,000 calories a day and not put on fat!
  • Understand exactly which foods will not spike blood glucose levels, and therefore not add weight to your body.
  • Learn the core benefits of our detoxification program and how to purify your entire body in 3 weeks leading to significant weight loss.
  • Learn the specifics of our revolutionary herbal formula that promotes weight loss and fat burning and lowers blood sugar and when necessary.
  • Learn why WHEN you eat is just as important as WHAT you eat.
  • Learn why you eat like you eat and how to break the negative patterns of addictive binging: food is a stressor.
  • Learn how to change your emotional state in five minutes to avoid heading for the refrigerator.
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