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Asheville Massage…Get the Best

Massage therapy is not only incredibly enjoyable and relaxing, but regular massage also reduces stress and anxiety, reduces pain and promotes healthy circulation.

I hear it almost on a daily basis from massage therapy clients at the Blue Ridge Clinic, “That was seriously the best massage I have ever hard!”

The benefits of massage therapy are numerous. Tera Broughton, licensed massage therapist at the Blue Ridge Acupuncture Clinic in Asheville, NC, provides massage therapy services for female clients only.

Tera also has advanced training in craniosacral therapy, trigger point therapy and lymphatic drainage massage.

Tera can tailor her massage therapy to meet your needs. Additionally, she has training in Lomi Lomi, or Hawaiian massage therapy, deep tissue, Swedish massage techniques, and Thai Massage techniques.

Aromatherapy is also available on request. 90 and 60 minute massages are available. And don’t forget your loved ones…a full body massage makes an excellent gift certificate.

To learn more about Tera or to buy a massage gift certificate click here.