The brain is a marvelous organ full of trillions of neurons. Each nerve is enfolded in a myelin sheath. We must protect the myelin and protect the brain from shrinking as we age. Recent research on the brain has found that in all cases of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, the brain is shrinking. How do we protect the brain from shrinking over time? The first step is to feed the brain appropriately with a diet rich in vegetables and fruits along with getting adequate omega 3 fatty acids. Additionally we need to work towards a stress free lifestyle and rejuvenating sleep in order to stop inflammation from ravaging the brain. Acupuncture reduces inflammation, decreases stress, and helps restore your sleep cycle.

Research shows that yeast crosses the blood brain barrier, and this finding should be researched more by conventional medical establishments as a potential cause of brain problems in the elderly. In any aging person, yeast problems should be eliminated, and this is another reason why diet is so important in protecting the brain. One of the healers I have studied with, Margaret Kean, told me of a friend of hers who was in the field of brain pathology. The pathologist said that when doing autopsies on elderly people’s brains, he often found they were riddled with yeast. Could yeast be implicated in or at least contribute to a shrinking brain?

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The brain uses most of the body’s oxygen, and this is why staying well hydrated is so important. Water is H2O, so we will increase oxygen in the blood stream and in the brain, by drinking more water, exercising more and practicing deep breathing techniques like yoga, tai chi and qi gong. Wherever oxygen is abundant, yeast cannot grow.

Acupuncture and the Brain

Acupuncture is powerful medicine for the brain. In this short video, which contains clips of a BBC special on acupuncture, you will see how acupuncture impacts the brain. Medical doctors, a neuroscientist and other acupuncture specialists, observe the brain while it is being scanned in an MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging machine. An MRI gives a detailed picture of brain activity during acupuncture. Watch the video to learn how acupuncture works by modulating the limbic system and pain matrix of the brain. Acupuncture can help stop addiction patterns as well.

To see research on acupuncture and the brain, watch the video here.

Recently, journalist Liz Borreli, with Medical Daily, featured our acupuncture research on the brain in an important article which you can access here:

Medical Daily article: The Human Brain on Acupuncture

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