electroacupuncture and painRecent studies show that electroacupuncture might be even more potent and effective for pain control than acupuncture alone. Acupuncture is known to stimulate the natural pain killing chemicals in the body. Called endorphins and enkaphalins, these molecules are potent and natural ways that the body and brain deal with the phenomenon of pain.

Research: Electroacupuncture and Pain Control

A study done on electroacupuncture, EA, in 2004, and published in Neuroscience Journal revealed some fascinating findings. When electroacupuncture was used at a frequency of 2 hertz, or 2 cycles per second, enkaphalin, beta-endorphin and endomorphin were released by the brain into the bloodstream. When a 100 hertz setting or 100 cycles per second setting was used on the electroacupuncture device, the body was preferential to releasing dynorphin.(1)

When both frequencies were used together all four of these powerful opioid neuropeptides were released in tandem, creating a powerful analgesic effect. Thus electroacupuncture has been shown to be effective for pain conditions like diabetic neuropathy, chronic low back pain, arthritis and other types of chronic pain.

These powerful endorphins are opioid like chemicals that modulate pain. They are the body’s natural store of morphine. Why not use acupuncture without side effects and achieve pain control, rather than using harmful drugs? Call our Asheville acupuncture clinic to learn more.

1. Neurosci Lett.ers 2004 May 6;361(1-3):258-61.

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