asheville integrative medicineChinese medicine is incredibly holistic, it is the original systems medicine. The ancient Chinese viewed the entire body and mind as a continuum that we call bodymind. In reality there is no separation between body and mind. I like to say that, “the body is dense mind and the mind is subtle body.” In reality Chinese medicine is the original integrative medicine. Practitioners trained in traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, are also trained in the biomedical sciences. In addition to biomedical training, many acupuncturists travel to China to work in Chinese hospitals to get valuable hands on experience with acupuncture, herbal medicine and massage. I have traveled to China eight times to work in hospitals and have worked with some of the most prominent medical doctors and acupuncturists in China.

Asheville Integrative Medicine

Chinese medicine is practiced in the modern world as integrative medicine. Integrative medicine heeds the wisdom of traditional medicine while honoring modern research. We use both traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM and modern research in our approach to your health. An acupuncturist is highly trained in western medicine and in the integrative approach of traditional Chinese medicine. A practitioner of Chinese medicine will be able to converse intelligently with your MD about your medical condition and be able to add the wisdom of the natural medicine approach to care.

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